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Residential and Commerical Soundproofing


Soundproofing Installation

Proper soundproofing installation is critical. As soundproofing contractors, we are second to none. Tolerances are important. We have three levels of treatment to suit your needs and budget: Good, Better and Best.


Rast Interiors provides you with expert advice, education and a complete line of soundproofing materials. With decades of experience, we have selected an outstanding array of proven, reliable soundproofing solutions and products. If you need assistance determining which options best meet your specific application, please contact us.

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Residential and Commerical Soundproofing

For residential soundproofing or commercial soundproofing projects, trust Rast Interiors. When thinking about drywall and soundproofing for a commercial or residential property, you want the job done right. You want a seamless job-- literally and figuratively-- from start to finish. Your end goal is to achieve an interior that looks fantastic and  free from exterior noises. That means using an installer with the experience and knowledge to do a proper installation that's made to last.  It means using Rast Interiors.

Originating from a family of companies that started in 1965, Rast Interiors provides the Atlanta area with the experience and flexibility to fit your requirements. Whatever your specifications or price range, we accommodate your situation. Our soundproofing products and people are superior, and our references prove it. Simply put, our technicians have the qualifications to provide your space with the best possible residential and commercial drywall and soundproofing installation.

Residential Soundproofing

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