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Soundproofing Products

Privacy Recessed Downlight Covers

privacy-recessed-light-coversMaintaining a sound rated ceiling with can lights, or downlights, continues to be a difficult task. Until now the options included building drywall boxes or even using a lightweight concrete layer on the ceiling above. Both options are very costly, and in some cases impossible to do after the fact.

In renovation projects, basements and new construction the conflict between much wanted recessed lighting and the ability to provide measurable sound control would preclude the use of downlights. For low ceiling projects surface mounted lights are not an option either.

From a Home Theater Builder on www.doityourself.com The trouble with the downlights is that even if they're airtight, they're still basically big hollow sounding boxes that break the insulation layer and block very little sound themselves.

Finally there is a simple effective solution for any ceiling fixture that will insure that the sound rating will remain intact. Using Privacy Recessed Downlight Covers involves simply placing the cover over your recessed fixture and constructing your ceiling as you normally would. It's really that simple. The benefits are two fold, soundproofing and thermal insulation through the ceiling.


Privacy Recessed Downlight Covers are UL Rated, and will meet the International Building Code for any type ceiling. Both one-hour and two-hour fire rated covers are available. Additionally, we carry covers for ceiling mounted speakers, fluorescent light fixtures and more.

Privacy Recessed Downlight Cover Options


One Hour Fire Rated Downlight Cover:
PRLC-1 is an one hour rated cover for both 6" and 8" recessed lights. Meet the Fire Code and block noise in or out of the room in one step.


Two Hour Fire Rated Downight Cover:
PRLC-2 has a two hour fire rating where commercial requirements cannot be met with PRLC-1. Same easy installation and the same excellent noise control in one step.


Performance Downight Covers:
When a fire rating is not required we have a version of our covers that will provide the same benefits at a lower cost. Residential applications with blown insulation are typical with our Performance Light Covers.

Privacy Florescent Light Covers Series


2x2 Privacy Florescent Light Covers:
is a pre-formed flexible cover which has been designed to help maintain the integrity of fire rated ceilings when penetrated by 2' by 2' fluorescent fixtures. Inside height 5" length 2' width 2'


2x4 Privacy Florescent Light Covers:
is a pre-formed flexible cover which has been designed to help maintain the integrity of fire rated ceilings when penetrated by 2' by 4' fluorescent fixtures. Inside height 5" length 4' width 2'

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