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Soundproofing Products

Green Glue

Green Glue can solve almost every soundproofing problem in one easy step. Simply apply Green Glue Damping Compound and another layer of drywall, plywood or MDF over what is there and you will hear the difference! No Demo Required!

Green Glue will form a flexible, viscoelastic layer when used between two sheets of drywall or two sheets of plywood for floors. Green Glue can be used over any existing wall, floor or ceiling by simply adding another layer of material. No rolling, painting or troweling is necessary. Just open the tube and apply in a random pattern. With a fast and easy installation, anybody can soundproof a room with Green Glue.

How Green Glue Works

Green Glue is a constrained layer damping system, which as a damping material is sandwiched between two other rigid materials. For example, Green Glue sandwiched between two layers of drywall. Damping occurs when the viscoelastic center of the "sandwich" is sheared.


When bent, shear forces pull and stretch on the damping material. Under these conditions, Green Glue efficiently converts and dissipates this mechanical vibration energy to heat, effectively eliminating the noise.


Green Glue is the simplest, most effective and most affordable soundproofing product for your walls, floors and ceilings. Green Glue has ultra low VOC's, is non-toxic and easily cleans up with soap and water.


Green Glue drastically reduces impact and airborne noise. It is one of the few products that can solve both. Green Glue beats the cost and performance of Quiet Sheetrock or any other high-cost "special" sheetrock.


Ideal for home theaters, recording studios, playrooms; wood, tile and carpet floors; anywhere you want some peace and quiet! Already used thousands of times with astounding results. Stop neighbor noise and create a quieter home, workplace, condo or conference room.


Bulk Green Glue and Applicator

Green Glue is available in 5 Gallon Pails. Each pail covers 365 sq.ft., or eleven sheets of 4' x 8' drywall. In the right project using Green Glue Pails can be the correct choice. We offer a re-loadable dispenser and follower plate that prevents waste and saves a bunch of time. Give us a call to see if Green Glue Pails are the right choice for you.



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