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QuietClips dramatically improve the STC and IIC for any wall, floor or ceiling. QuietClips are the most effective sound isolation clips available. Absolutely the lowest cost for STC values over 55.

Using Sound Isolation Clips in your new or existing wall construction will improve the noise blocking from average to remarkable. QuietClips are the most effective method to decouple your partition from the framing; this has been proven in lab tests of the three available products.

Party walls are now required to meet STC ratings of 50 or more; Home Theater and Studio construction projects present builders and contractors with unique challenges in wall and ceiling construction. In every case there is no solution that can equal the economy or performance of sound isolation clips.

Existing or new Hardwood Floors create the need for footstep noise blocking to the rooms below. Renovation of existing multi-family buildings creates challenges where carpet was the floor covering of choice; new buyers demand more contemporary floors of Stone, Tile or Wood. Using QuietClips on the ceiling below can block both the impact noise from footsteps, and block airborne noise from shouting, media rooms, and even kids running down the hall!

Benefits of using QuietClips to soundproof your walls

  • Require no "special" drywall, regular off the shelf products
  • and readily available hat channel are all you need.
  • New design eliminates rubber components; QuietClips work
  • better, last longer and cannot fail in a fire.
  • No need for double stud, staggered stud, or double wall assemblies.


Truly quiet walls require low frequency soundproofing; just reading the STC does not mean that one wall is better than another. You must consider the performance of the wall at different frequencies to insure that you will get the results that you are after. When compared to Quiet Sheetrock, Resilient Channel, or staggered stud construction, QuietClips perform better at a lower cost than any other option.

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